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About Bargo 459

“Making bourbon is hard work. Making GOOD bourbon is really hard work!”

This statement by Matthew Bargo II shows that he knows the importance of good bourbon. Matt understands that Kentucky bourbon has always been a legacy. People from around the world expect the best from Kentucky and Matt will continue to produce the best with his award-winning bourbon made in his hometown of Corbin, Kentucky.

Matt and all involved with BARGO 459 are honored to be part of the Kentucky Distillers Association. The KDA has preserved the legacy of Kentucky Bourbon for years and BARGO 459 is proud to be a new member of such a prestigious organization.

Bargo 459

Before Matt retired, he was a researcher, a producer, a problem solver, and a thinker. He knew that after he retired, he would need a new task to tackle. That task became the jumping off point for what is now BARGO 459. Matt researched thousands of articles, visited distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour and even interviewed older individuals who had been involved in moonshining during the prohibition era.

BARGO 459 is a small craft distillery located in Southeastern Kentucky. The facility houses control rooms where only a limited number of barrels are finished at a time. The bourbon is all small batch, pot distilled Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been proofed with spring water from Cumberland Gap and finished in either sherry or port cask.

Most days you can find Matt and his wife Susie, at the distillery where they and their children, Matthew and Rebecca, are shaping the future of BARGO 459. Their goal is to consistently consistently produce exceptional bourbon that is a symphony of aroma and color with a rich lingering taste.

Bargo 459

Their initial offering, Single Barrel and Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in either sherry or port cask, is currently on shelves in liquor stores across Kentucky and is doing well!

The creation and journey of BARGO 459 has been embraced by a broad community. Therefore, beyond crafting outstanding Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, creation of jobs and distilling tours BARGO 459 aspires to be a catalyst for community growth.

Perched on Kentucky Highway 3041 overlooking the new Cumberland Run Harness Track, BARGO 459 invites you to join this spirited journey where every sip is a celebration of passion and dedication.